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With more complex relationships like blended families. With greater distance and impact of social media on relationships. After a parent departs leaving more wealth at stake to distribute. Mis-understandings and mis-guidance can result. And more family members than ever take Executors to Court over inheritance.

If you are likely the named Executor in a parent’s Will. Powered by SharedAffairs we have the tools to make your difficult task easy. Automating Reverse-Wills[TM]  to get the conversation started. Before a parent is no longer around. To sort-out their own affairs. Witness your appointment with a blueprint. With qualified mediators. To help give you voices if still in lockdown for not being trusted by that older generation. To make the distribution of wealth more manageable. Acknowledging your authority and responsibility role in front of other family members. To take over money distribution responsibilities after death.

Families shatter because of a legal profession ready to exploit. With our inheritance expert determination service built-in, questions about inheritance get quick answers. For everyone before getting stuck in a dispute. Avoid family break-up over money. Due to seeing wealth as an entitlement from parents. Rather than something borrowed from grandchildren to take care of before pass-on-ourselves. 

Case Study - There goes our family with dad gone

Like the set of second cousins we helped. At risk of falling-out due to stalling inheritance distribution for two years. A husband and wife – themselves first cousins – died within 7-days of each other of Covid. Both had written into their Wills that the wife’s brother would act ax executor. As he was part of the siblings who stood to gain most from following the wishes of the husband – albeit his sister did not outlast her husband by more than 30-days – they sought a neutral opinion from a barrister who had studied the inheritance distribution under the religion of Islam requested by the Husband, but also an expert in English law. Having specialist knowledge of Court expert procedure (drafting the rules) & having fought conflicts-of-interest in Court, we sourced a Society for Trusts & Estate Practitioners qualified Shariah council expert. Hosting both sides before finalising a joint report, both were satisfied with the neutrality and expertise of the final end product. And Court proceedings over a £600k-estate was averted for an affordable fixed-fee. Something taking less than one month and a cost was paid for by the estate and cost c150-times less than what one of two half-sisters ended up having to spend for fighting over a £300k-estate in a similar case.

Or if Dad is still around to sort-out his own affairs, with qualified mediators helping acknowledging your role in front of other family members to take over money distribution responsibilities after death. Helping give you voices if still in lockdown for not being trusted by that older generation.

And ensuring their you will be ready to take over dealing with their affairs by making this easier for you with mentoring from specialist estate practitioners part of the [Shared Affairs] network who know what you have to do. And the Shared Affairs platform recording securely step-by-step a blueprint in advance for how to be prepared for their Last-Day. Without you having to drop-everything to sort-out alone.

face OBJECTIONS head-on – There’s no knowing when death comes to you or a parent. You got this. worked as farm-hands, so not rush to judgment about falling-short or blaming or name-calling. You are only reading this page because you are right about the fundamental need to take care of other’s trusts – even from corrupt tyrants, when the prophet Mohammad was cast-out – he put plans in place to return rights to their owners. Realising that wealth only trust from God. Saving you the same pain as the half-sisters who failed to speak and did not get help convincing each of their parents to work with them to plan ahead.

if don’t act in next four months to take advantage of a change to the law to how wills are executed: “The legislation will apply to wills made since 31 January 2020, the date of the first registered Covid-19 case in England and Wales, except:

· cases where a Grant of Probate has already been issued in respect of the deceased person

· the application is already in the process of being administered

The legislation will apply to wills made up to two years from when the legislation comes into force (so until 31 January 2022), however this can be shortened or extended if deemed necessary, in line with the approach adopted for other coronavirus legislative measures. The advice remains that where people can make wills in the conventional way they should continue to do so

Our packages

FREE – Templates & Guide to Will-Drafting Errors

free guide of common traps Will-writers fall into after picked-up free/cheap Will (based upon responses to Law Commission research into not getting right help). This giving level requires email address.

Bronze (£195.00) – Bot Bangs Out a Will

self-service tool to generate your own specialist islamic-faith-based Will & store on an online secure digital vault. This giving level requires email address and other personal details.

Silver (£375.00) – Soundboard Service

up to one-hour specialist’s help to check your existing Will or draft a new basic or Islamic-faith-based Will, includes storage on an online secure digital vault and witnessing execution of your will online – if you act in next four months – to take advantage of a change to the law to how wills are executed. This giving level requires email address and other personal details.

Gold (£1,250.00) – Getting-Ready-to Go Service

to a One-Hour Soundboard add approximately half-a-day’s virtual group-meeting to support potential executors (“Executor Mentoring”). To help have those awkward discussions so as Executor you know about how to value your loved-one’s assets and liabilities. More generally know what to expect if appointed as executors or guardians, by a process designed by the University of Florence for hosting virtual-group-calls, so ready to do a better job to represent you after you are gone that comes from making an informed choice. Court’s storage of wills. Excludes cost of tax-planning that we can arrange for tax-efficiency specialists.

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