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SharedAffairs helps your family and friends deal with your affairs if anything should happen to you. You can organise important information and securely store it in a safe space in case something happens to you. It’ up to you to decide who should have access to your information, and when they’ll get access to it.​

Store Digital Information


You can store anything within minutes — your funeral wishes, your will, information for your probate and much more.

Remain in Control

In Control

You have full control of the private information you share and who you securely share it with, so that it will be in the right hands after you’re gone.

Accessible From Anywhere


We’ve made storing your key information and sharing it with loved ones easy, free and accessible, so start now and update your information whenever convenient from your phone, desktop or tablet.

You can decide what you share with your loved ones. Funeral wishes can help your family and friends organise your funeral knowing they’re honouring your wishes, and you can also store personal information they may need, such as passwords. You can also secure formal legal information related to your will and probate.​

Many people also share cherished photos, goodbye letters, video messages and other personal communications with their loved ones using SharedAffairs. You’re in control of who gets access to what and when, and this is fully customisable according to your preferences.​

We all know how difficult illness or death of a loved one can be. Using a platform like SharedAffairs can make the process a little easier. In fact, hundreds of people have told us how much easier it was to deal with the affairs of a close relative when they accurate and up-to-date information and wishes shared by their loved one.

It's as easy as…

We show you what critical information to lock away.

You select which of your contacts will receive what access.

You set the security controls on when your contacts should get access.

Most of us don’t want to worry about what will happen in the event of our illness or death. By getting this sorted out once and for all, you can enjoy some peace of mind and live your life for the important moments. Get started today!

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Important Security
Important Security

The all-important Security

We know how sensitive your information is, and protecting your privacy is our top priority. Nobody has access to your information which is encrypted on secure Amazon servers right here in the UK. Our stringent processes prevent us and our staff from decrypting anything you store. We use AES-256 encryption with unique keys which are not stored in the same place as your data. We test our cyber-security using the same methods as financial institutions and secure government bodies to keep our security team on its toes.

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Keeping you and your information safe is our main focus, so our safety procedures are top-notch. Only you can reset your passwords, and to do this, you must have access to your registered email address. We add an extra layer of safety by giving you two-factor authentication to a separate email address according to your choice.

To ensure we abide by the UK Data Protection Act (DPA 2018) and because we handle your personal information, we are regulated by the UK’s Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and our ICO registration number is ZA780535.

Click here for more information on security at SharedAffairs.

If you’d like to find out more about how we protect your data and what rights you have, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.

What will it cost?​

At SharedAffairs, we believe everyone should be able to safely store and share personal information at no cost. That’s why our standard account is free, and allows you to safely share your key information with your selected contacts. Additional paid account options will be available soon for those looking for a more comprehensive package

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What does the Free Service include?

The free Standard account includes:

1.    A secure place to save your funeral wishes, will decisions and documents and probate information. We’ll guide you in gathering the right information to share and assigning it to the people who need access to it after you’re no longer around.

2.    You will have 250MB space for each of these, which is more than enough to store hundreds of pages of documents within each section.

3.    You’ll also have space for documents, instructions, pictures, videos, in fact anything digital, again up to 250MB — you can allow up to 10 people to see this after you’re gone.​

4.    A personal drive (up to 250MB) to allow you to securely store your important information so that you can access it anywhere — on your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet.​

5.    Your account will remain open as long as you sign in at least once within a 12 month period. This is to ensure that your information is up-to-date and correct. We will always inform you if your account is to be closed so that you can sign in to keep it open.

About Us:

SharedAffairs is a London based company that seeks to assist everyone at a time when decision-making can be most difficult. We have done this by providing a secure platform where you can safely store your critical personal or professional information for your family and friends. ​

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SharedAffairs is solely owned in the UK and regulated by the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to ensure customers’ private information is safeguarded in accordance with EU and UK data protection laws.​

The founders of SharedAffairs, Kashif and Farhan, designed this service drawing from our own personal experiences and those of our friends. Having lost relatives and having to deal with their affairs convinced us to use our knowledge and backgrounds in cyber security and complex system architecture to develop this secure solution and make it available to everyone. With an excellent team distributed across the globe, some private investment, and lots of user feedback, we have made Shared Affairs the place where everyone can safely store their critical personal or professional information for their family and friends. This includes important things like what to do next, what the bank accounts are for, insurance policies, passwords to unlock phones, who to contact and what to do or not to do for the funeral, and much more.​